Always behave respectfully when in my presence and corresponding.
You may only address me as Countess.
NO acts of sexual services are offered. Don’t ask.
I do not provide illegal services of any kind.
Please keep all of our e-mail correspondence on one thread per session.
Confirm the night before your appointment via text or email.
Our appointment time is always sharp.
Do not hang out by the door waiting, as it looks suspicious.
Tributes should be in an unsealed envelope.
Please turn off your location, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and sound on your cell.
I prefer that your phone is in airplane mode or turned off completely after arrival.
Smartwatches and other digital devices are not permitted during our session.
I expect you to be freshly showered, groomed, and without strong fragrance lotions or cologne.
All personal items will need to stay inside the dressing room.
You may keep your socks on during the session.
Don’t touch yourself without my permission.
Don’t touch ME without permission.
Please don’t hold my heels to worship them when I’m standing.
Don’t breathe into my face.
If you are a smoker, please don’t smoke right before we play.
I do not tolerate drug use during the session.
Being an asshole will NOT turn into punishment, it will cause you to be dismissed immediately.
If you try to top from the bottom, I will ask you to leave.
Please don’t skip a meal if you are nervous. Communicate with me if you’re not feeling well, need water, etc.
Please be responsive and communicative during our session, as this will help me accurately assess your limits.
If you anticipate being late, please provide an honest ETA, as I have other commitments to manage.
If corporal punishment is in the cards for us, and you are worried about bruising, then please don’t take any blood thinners 48 hours before our session.
If you need your bruises to heal quickly, I recommend using Arnica cream.
Every activity is at my discretion. I will consider your wardrobe request, but I’ll wear what I want.
I am VERY discreet, I ask you to do the same.
I will respect your limits. Please respect mine.
Cancellation Policy:  Please be advised that cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations made between 12 and 24 hours prior to the appointment will incur a charge of 50% of the agreed fee. Cancellations made within 12 hours of the appointment will incur the full fee. You have 24 hours to remit the payment.
Lastly and very importantly: If you fuck me over, flake on me, or are in any way disrespectful you will be globally blacklisted.